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Leatherheads Lady Patches



Back patch is larger than previous patch measuring 10" wide X 10.75" tall. Bottom rockers are 10" X 2" tall

If you currently own the previous Leatherheads Lady back patch and are wanting the new one, please email first with whether you want just a back patch or a back patch and rocker. Also include which rocker. We will send a code for special pricing. Send the email to shop.leatherheadsmc@gmail.com

This is for members only and to purchase, a Leatherheads Lady patch form needs to be completed. One will be sent via email and must be completed and returned before anything will ship. If you already have a form completed for the original one, just include acknowledgement that you understand that the previous form also covers the new patch in your email.

There are multiple choices depending on whether you want just a back patch, a back patch and rocker or just a rocker. Please be careful and confirm your choice.