Leatherheads Firefighter MC National Store Leatherheads Firefighter MC Merchandise

Merchandise shipping will be conducted once a week. All shipments will go out on Friday. Any orders placed before Wednesday will be shipped out the same Friday. Any orders placed on or after Wednesday will go out the following Friday.

The length of time to receive your merchandise will depend on the day you placed your order and the shipping service you selected.

In some cases there may be a nominal handling fee, usually less than $1.00 but never more than $2.99, included in shipping charges.

If time and sales permit, shipping may be conducted earlier than described above, however it should not be depended upon.

Custom patches will be sent as soon as they are completed. Usually an order will be held so all items (stock and custom) can be shipped together, but if the custom patches are taken longer than usual they will be sent separately.