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LEATHERHEADS FIREFIGHTER MC was founded because we wanted a club where the idea of the Brotherhood of the Fire Service would be followed. Our club consists of career or retired career firefighters only. Make no mistake about it, Leatherheads Firefighter MC recognizes that many club members started out as volunteers and respects the need for them in certain areas of the country. However, we believe the bond between professional firefighters is one of the strongest bonds of brotherhood, comparable only to that of the US Armed Forces. Living with each other, 24, 48 or 96 hours at a time, counting on each other for everything and a willingness to give your life to ensure your brother gets to go home at the end of the tour is a value that can’t be completely understood by anyone other than a career firefighter.

Leatherheads Firefighter MC name and mark are registered Trademarks and can not be used or duplicated without the written consent of the Leatherheads Firefighter MC Mother Chapter.